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Fear Not

Fear Not! Fear is your biggest enemy. Fear not! I have said this before and it bears repeating… fear not! Love conquers everything. Yes, love the dog that barks incessantly and you will heal both the dog’s situation and yours. Love people around you, family too and their antics, and it will heal the effects [...]


Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine Saint Augustine’s life thrills me.  It is the story of transcendent hope in the face of crushing hopelessness; a demonstration of God’s faithfulness in answering prayers and granting pardon even in a case of extreme and obvious “sin.” Earlier on in his life St. Augustine lived a hedonistic lifestyle and was dishonorable toward [...]


“The Power of Myth”

What We Lost When Greek, Latin, and Biblical Literature Was Dropped From Our Schools “Greek and Latin and biblical literature used to be part of everyone’s education. Now, when these were dropped, a whole tradition of Occidental mythological information was lost. It used to be that these stories were in the minds of people. When [...]


Wait and Pray

Wait and Pray Let the candle that is your life burn steady. Some problems can only be solved by your abiding in faith So, wait and pray. Do not allow perceived difficulties to cause your steady flame to flare uncontrollably. Abide in faith. Trust God to be in control. Let go of trying to control [...]


Ultimate Chaos

Experiencing Ultimate Chaos As Part of God’s Plan Understand that shutting down is sometimes a necessary action. Finally you reach a pivotal moment in your life when you choose to stop doing what does not satisfy and reach for the richness and satisfaction of an everlasting, loving relationship with your Heavenly Father. It is an [...]