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Asking Inside – Listening to the Spirit

Christiana @ Peace Park WaterfallHi! My name is Christiana and I want to thank you for stopping by.

Welcome to “Asking inside; listening to the Spirit” and trusting Spirit to empower you in your everyday life.


Frequently when a person struggles with a present difficulty, whatever it is, a good spirit-directed counselor will ask the person to check with the Holy Spirit if the difficulty is a consequence of  a “falling short” on their part or if the difficulty is for growth … “that God’s name may be glorified.” Once this is determined, the person is encouraged to move on from there and not sink into a “pity party.”  To let whatever answer received from Spirit be okay and seek guidance to work through the difficulty.


I was going through one such period in my life in 2009 and having let the answer be okay, I asked and received encouragement from the Holy Spirit which helped me work through that “Dark Night of the Soul” experience. When the darkest periods were over, I realized I have grown so much. I also had compiled a bit of written journals, powerful directives received in that journey.  These directives are still so meaningful and relevant to me today. I continue to receive these gems of knowledge and inspiration though not with the same regularity.


I share these directives with you in my listening to Spirit blog in the hope they inspire and help you today, tomorrow… any time you need a shot of inspiration.

Trust that God Loves you
Trust that God is always here for you
Trust that God strengthens you
Trust that God answers your prayers
Trust that God is in you…


In addition to the blog posts, this site also hosts “The Adventures of Selfio,” inspired animated short video series with commentaries.  The main character in the video is named “Selfio,” coined from the word “Self” plus the letter “I” representing the “male self” and the letter “O” representing the “female self” because Selfio represents all of our “selves” (male and female) as we learn our life lessons, guided by Spirit.


For convenience I use “he” when referring to Selfio in the videos and commentaries. But the lessons depicted concern all humans, irrespective of gender. The Spirit of God is in each of us.


Well – I hope your experience on this site is nothing short of inspiring!  I welcome your comments and feedback. Please look around the site and feel free to let me know what you think!





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